YouTube, the second largest search engine after Google has over 4 billion videos being streamed and viewed every single day. With a staggering pace of 60 hours of video being uploaded on YouTube every single minute, it is a great platform to generate visibility for your content.

For those of you who are unaware, a YouTube channel serves as an excellent hub for all the video content, allows you to represent your product and connect to over 800 million unique views every month. 

However, it is essential to strategize your content in a way that it becomes easily discoverable, shared and watched. Here are some well-structured yet straightforward tips on How to increase YouTube views.

  1. Efficiently optimizing your metadata

Optimizing the critical sections in the video content will help rank the video on both, YouTube as well as Google. If the content of your YouTube video is relatable to the audience, the optimization will boost up the video’s reach. If by chance the content on your video is not as high, no matter how much you try optimizing your metadata, it won’t work. 

  1. Smartly done Video Descriptions

Using keywords to describe your video in length is on the strategies we endorse. Always include a relevant link (URL) to your webpage, be it the content related to the video content or just the homepage, but it helps the viewers find corresponding information to your video from the company’s website. It helps increase the visibility on YouTube. Adding a 250-word description of the video should do wonders for your video’s reach. 

  1. Find a suitable title for your content

Write a descriptive, yet concise title for the generated content using the key phrases that users would generally apply to find your video. Try being as natural as possible, yet at the same time incorporate the keyword suggestions provided in the algorithm for how to increase YouTube views. This helps to understand the approximate global traffic generated by a particular keyword in a month. 

  1. Put Annotations to best use

YouTube features an interactive way of adding commentary to your videos using annotations. They act as a guiding element for the user to subscribe to your channel, pause the video, add a comment, watch more videos from your channel, follow your brand on Facebook or Twitter, and so much more. We feel, if used correctly, annotations can do wonders to your visibility on search engines. 

  1. Invest your time in branding your page 

Branding your page is crucial irrespective of the marketing channel and the kind of content you generate. A lot of features for branding the YouTube channel are free of cost and should be tapped upon accurately.  For instance, showcasing your other social media networks, customizing the backdrop aesthetically, and creating a custom header can go a long way in improving the overall experience of your viewers and subscribers. 

In a Nutshell: 

The surprising part about increasing your YouTube views is that only 9% of the small businesses use it effectively. If you have a unique selling proposition in place, it is possible to design a content strategy specific to your needs to garner more views. Your consistent efforts can grant you the desired results.

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