Ways to Get the Most Out of PEO Services

Partnering with a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) opens the door for businesses to offload cumbersome HR tasks and operate more efficiently. But to truly maximize the value of PEO companies, you must utilize their full suite of offerings. This article explores strategies to get the most out of your PEO services.

A PEO provides comprehensive HR solutions for businesses, becoming an outsourced talent management partner. The  best PEO companies handle vital tasks like payroll, compliance, benefits, workers’ compensation, and more so clients can focus on their core mission.

However, many organizations use just a fraction of their PEO’s available services after onboarding. Failing to leverage its full capabilities leaves significant value untapped. Follow these best practices to optimize your PEO services and achieve maximum impact.

  • Conduct regular business reviews.

Schedule quarterly or biannual business reviews with your PEO to discuss your current needs, challenges, and growth plans. This keeps them apprised of your situation so they can adjust services accordingly.

Come prepared with topics like:

  • New hiring projections
  • Management pain points
  • Plans for new locations
  • Workflows requiring optimization
  • Technology lacking

Frequent meetings make sure your PEO gives useful help that gets better with your business. Don’t hide from them that your needs are changing.

  • Encourage employee self-service.

Give training and get workers to use the PEO’s HR technology tools. Portals that allow staff to help themselves lower the amount of work for managers and give employees freedom.

Promote features like:

  • Accessing pay statements
  • Managing benefit selections
  • Updating personal information
  • Scheduling time off
  • Completing training modules

Make your technology spending count by getting all of your workers to use it.

  • Centralize HR data

A typical mistake is that HR data is stored in several old spreadsheets or systems that don’t talk to each other. By keeping everything in your PEO’s system, your data is combined, able to be seen, and protected.

Make sure all worker papers, work history results, pay records, and other HR things go into the main system your PEO gives you. This makes a big team possible as your group gets bigger.

  • Lean on compliance expertise.

Don’t go it alone in interpreting complex Saudi labor laws and regulations. Leverage your PEO’s specialized compliance team. Seek guidance on issues like:

  • Managing compliance across multiple Emirates if expanding footprint
  • HR policy audits to identify potential noncompliance with Saudi regulations
  • Managing COVID-19 precautionary requirements per Saudi authorities
  • Accommodating disabilities and medical leave in line with Saudi laws

Tapping your PEO’s knowledge of the local framework protects your business, maintains compliance, and provides peace of mind.

  • Align on company values

Review your company values and have your PEO incorporate them into training programs, onboarding processes, and culture-building initiatives.

Refreshing your mission statement? Ask your PEO to provide input to help ingrain your values across all talent management activities. When your PEO reinforces your philosophy, it becomes embedded in the employee experience.

  • Tap into wellness programs.

Don’t overlook wellness benefits, as these programs improve productivity, lower absenteeism, and boost engagement. Have your PEO roll out initiatives like:

  • Fitness challenges with rewards
  • Health risk assessments
  • Smoking cessation plans
  • Preventative health screenings
  • Employee assistance programs provide counseling.

Investing in employee wellbeing leads to happier, healthier staff members.

  • Leverage recruiting capabilities.

If your staff is growing, don’t neglect your PEOs recruiting assistance. Their existing connections with talent networks widen your pool of qualified applicants. Provide detailed job descriptions and qualifications to aid in finding ideal candidates who are a cultural fit.

Provide hiring criteria and have them source, screen, and interview candidates. Then you simply select the top options to extend offers. This lifts the recruiting burden from your team and results in better hires.

  • Foster open communication.

Keep communication open with your account manager and customer service team. Don’t allow minor issues to fester; voice concerns promptly to prevent escalation. Have regularly scheduled meetings to identify any areas of misalignment.

Designate internal stakeholders empowered to speak on your behalf regarding PEO services. Infuse the partnership with transparency and collaboration through consistent dialogue.

  • Request custom reporting.

Don’t settle for generic, pre-packaged reports from your PEO. Request customized reporting tailored to your business metrics and dashboards. Align KPIs with your PEO to receive insights that matter. Have them provide reports formatted to your specifications so you get maximum visibility into workforce metrics. Ask them to deliver both high-level executive and detailed departmental reports.

  • Incorporate training programs

Make training and development a priority by utilizing your PEO’s learning management system and training resources. Identify skills gaps and have your PEO deliver impactful programs to upskill your team. Well-trained employees are more engaged, productive, and equipped to drive your business forward. Allow employees time for self-directed learning as well.

  • Seek safety guidance.

Tap into your PEO’s risk management expertise to bolster workplace safety. Ask them to conduct onsite evaluations and recommend programs to reduce hazards relevant to your industry. A safe workplace minimizes injuries and legal risks while lowering worker compensation costs. Appoint safety leaders internally to reinforce programs.

  • Collaborate on tech integrations.

If you use specialized business applications, have your PEO integrate them with their platforms to streamline HR workflows. Collaboration here pays dividends through smoother data sharing between systems. Eliminating manual data entry provides efficiency gains. Stay involved during the integration process for optimal configuration.

  • Plan for Open Enrollment

Get support from your PEO to optimize the open enrollment process. Have them assist with communications, answering employee questions, and driving participation. High engagement results in optimized benefit selections aligned to employee needs. Survey employees afterwards to gauge satisfaction with their selections.


Maximizing PEO services requires moving beyond the basics and tapping the full spectrum of capabilities. By centralizing HR data, optimizing technology, leveraging compliance guidance, aligning culture, and encouraging open communication, you get the most ROI from your PEO partnership.

With the right strategic approach, your PEO becomes an invaluable extension of your leadership team. Their comprehensive solutions and expertise empower you to achieve business goals and outpace competitors. Don’t leave this value on the table; put these best practices to work and make the most of your PEO services.