Best Gadgets In 9 Tips and Tricks to Pick a PC

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Personal computers have never been more popular. Over 71 million of them were shipped in three months leading up to September this year! That, according to the same source, is a 3.6% increase on last year’s figures. hp laptop models are best at the cheapest price. This shouldn’t come as […]

Viral Videos on YouTube

10 Best Viral Videos on You Tube

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Are you looking for the top viral videos on you tube? You’re not the only one. People watch billions of hours of videos on You Tube each and every day. But what videos are actually worth watching? We’ve got the hook-up for some long-time hits that you’ll love watching over […]

Disrupt an Industry

What Does it Really Mean to disruptive business and Industry?

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In entrepreneurship circles, the word “disrupt” comes up as frequently as discussions about raising capital. Many startups set out to disrupt their industries by coming up with new and innovative methods to solve problems. But what does it mean to run a genuinely disruptive business instead of just existing among […]

Video Annotation.

4 Major Applications of Video Annotation in Deep Learning

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Video annotation, the term might seem familiar to those working with technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. you However, for a naïve, it is no less than technical jargon. In simple words, it is the process of labeling video clips to make a dataset that further trains machine […]