DuckDuckGo is an internet browser that started on February 29, 2008, and they made a few servers in a dusty basement. On March 15, 2010, the company decided not to track the search history of the browser. This browser differentiates itself from the rest of the search engines by not tracking the users of this browser and making sure that the users would get almost the same results as any other browser on the same search Dudkgo term.   

DuckDuckGo browser

There has been considerable growth in traffic during the past years. On the day February 6th, 2017 this search engine celebrated reaching 15,000,000 searches per day. There are many reasons for such exponential growth in the no of users as this graph is showing what are the things that the users want from their search engine.

DuckDuckGo browser


This is probably the top priority of many people when it comes to search engines because this way it makes them feel safe on the internet. This browser does not store your search history or track your activity like other search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Even, it is the most secure browser available to you.

Search speed and data

Dudkgo has almost the same speed and collects data from the same sources as Google like Wolfram Alpha, Wikipedia, and Bing.

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Customization on DuckDuckGo

duckgo browser comes with many customization options like choosing your own type of buttons, and icons. You can also change the text size, color, and font. There is various color palette available in the browser so you can choose anyone according to your will. There are newsletter forms also available if you want more information about the updates and other advancements made by this browser. You can also change the layouts of the information presented to you by the webpage that you are on. You can select the type of pop-outs as well.

General settings

In the general settings of this browser, you can change the region so you can get region-specific information. You can also change the language of the DUDKGO browser. You can also enable the infinite scroll so more images and video results load when you scroll. The user can also enable or disable auto-suggest while typing the search term that you are looking to get information on. You can also enable or disable keyboard shortcuts so that when you are on a webpage you can use them to save time and effort. The user can select a third-party source for directions as well as the options that you have here are Bing Maps, Google Maps, HERE Maps, and OpenStreetMap. Even the units of measurement can be selected by the user.

Voice search

duck go introduced a voice search

for their user in 2011 so that searching for information on their search term becomes even easier.

Business model

This browser earns money by giving ads from Yahoo, Bing, etc., and through affiliate marketing with companies like eBay and Amazon

Instant Answers

The top results in this browser are called Instant answers and these are gathered from similar sources used by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.


Briefly, we can definitely note that the internet is filled with advertising trackers, and nothing is personal anymore so in order to prevent this we need browsers like DuckDuckGo that prevent us from such threats. On the about page of their website, it is clearly stated that “We’re setting the new Standard of trust Online, empowering people to take control of their information” (About DuckDuckGo). This fact shows that their cause is just, and they don’t want to make money by stealing your personal information. In my opinion, in the modern era, this is the browser that can be trusted and blinded by our personal information www google search.

DuckDuckGo browser

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