lockly secure pro review

Hey, guys, in this post we’re going to be checking out the Kwikset keypad lock you can buy right now. We have selected this smart lock based on my personal opinion and hours of research, and I’ve listed them based on ease of use, features, and price. We are talking About the lockly secure pro review. We’ve discussed all the options in detail. So whether you’re looking for a budget smart lock or a more versatile model that can lock and unlock with your fingerprint. So let’s get started with the Specifications Price and Design.

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Specification, Design, and Price:

The first product on our list is the Lockly Secure Pro. This is the best biometric hornbill smart lock . If you love the convenience of unlocking your phone with your fingerprint, then you’ll love the Lockleys secure, pro smart lock that has one of the best biometric security features, making it a great option, currently priced at 330 dollars. The Lockly secure pro uses a built-in advanced 3D fingerprint with high-quality capacitive fingerprint sensors. Unlike most smart locks that use less secure optical readers, you’ll find the Lockly pro is extremely attractive with a touchscreen display that’s very sleek. While the fingerprint readers are discretely located on the side of the lock, you’ll also be impressed that the level of security doesn’t just stop with the fingerprints. Unlike most numeric keypads that are static where the numbers are always in the same place. Lockley’s peak-proof digital keypad uses patented pin genie technology that makes it nearly impossible to get your personal access code. Even if someone is watching when entering your PIN number by always shuffling number locations on the secure backlit keypad, the Lockly pro also provides added convenience with its Lockly app. So you can lock and unlock your door and create access codes for your family, friends, or tenants. You’ll be able to check access logs so you can see who comes and goes. And of course, no smart lock is complete without Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility to make your smart home complete so you can just tell Alexa or Google to lock your door with voice commands. This is next-level technology and for sure it will be more valuable in the upcoming time.  How Technology is changing business with these kwikset keypad lock

Key Features:

  • Connection: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Peak-proof digital keypad patented pin genie technology shuffles no location. Each time biometrics uses high-quality capacitive fingerprint sensors that are unbeatable.


  • Compatibility:  works with Alexa and Google Home.
  • Add-ons: comes with a hub and door sensor.
  • Emergencies:  can connect via Bluetooth when your Wi-Fi is down.


  • Installation: requires additional stability due to large size.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a smonet smart lock with one of the best biometric security features available, the Lockly secure pro is a great option with its unmatched level of security features for fingerprints and numeric keypads.