Mobile-Friendly Responsive Websites Increase User Engagement
Mobile-Friendly Responsive Websites

We are living in an age where the major portion of traffic to our websites comes from mobile phones. It is not advisable to optimize your links for mobile traffic, instead, you have to have a responsive website design, so it adapts to all screen sizes on its own. Those who do not make their websites responsive can suffer financially due to missed business opportunities. Their site rankings will be hurt as well.

Google ranks websites based on their mobile-friendliness. It is part of its algorithms since 2015. If you are still running an old site get it revamped right away as you do not know the amount of mobile traffic you are missing. Mobile Friendly Websites users like to search for things of interest on their phones. They no longer wait to get home to use their desktops or laptops. They now prefer voice search as it is more convenient. The web browsing environment has changed over the years. People can now browse the internet using their wearable watches, smart TVs, and gaming consoles besides desktop computers, laptops, and cell phones.

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Content that you publish online can be viewed in all parts of the world if the geo-location tags of the website allow as such. Users from all parts of the world can find your products and services if you have a well-optimized site. Websites that have poorly engineered layouts and the text displayed is poor to read do not get many repeat customers. So it is advisable to take care of all aspects of web design and development if you want to make money online.

Google is known to stand by its words and if it wants you to retain search rankings by having a responsive website then you will have to work on it. It will not cost you an arm or a leg to update your website according to the latest standards. There are many web design and development houses that serve their clients online. They have smart packages to serve the needs of their clients. These companies are also flexible to the client’s requirements and will work for you within your budget. You can pay in installments if the cost of the revamp seems high. 

The company you hire will pay special attention to the way they make your website. It will have a responsive design so you can get a traffic boost. Every industry is different from another and has its colors, fonts, and impression. The more formal businesses like their sites looking official and for such sites, the layout is thoughtfully designed. The use of appropriate colors and fonts gives more personality to the website. Most often a website is your first contact with the prospect and if the first impression is a lasting one you will have better luck online.

Businesses such as grocery stores, gyms, spas, and beauty parlors are more informal and for such sites the use of lively colors and friendly illustrations is advisable. The fonts play their part in every website by bringing forth a friendly or formal vibe, while the content keeps the guest engaged. 

Mobile users, as you may know, are very goal-oriented and tend to focus on a small set of tasks. If your website responds fast and has all the information they need, they are sure to return to make purchases. Almost 92% of mobile users search for goods and services while on the go. While desktop users and laptop users will continue to be a significant part of your customer base, mobile users will expand it. 

This is a good way of outdoing rivals. Many companies these days do not know the importance of having mobile-friendly websites. By getting one before others you can get ahead of the competition easily. You can keep mobile users engaged by sending prompts on their mobile phones. Introduce new specials and new products to enhance your marketing footprint. For this purpose, you will need an online marketing company. Many well-established website design companies offer you all services under one roof. 

They will help you stand apart from competitors by optimizing the site and also doing all your social media marketing. Besides having the website revamped to the latest design and standards you can also get the branding taken care of. This will leave you with much less work to do on your own. 

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If you are thinking of starting a new online business, it is wise to first have a word with the web design company to see what they can do for your online presence. You can get local optimization if you are a local business. If you want to export you will need global optimization. A site can be optimized for various markets based on your individual business goals. For professional companies, it is easy to create responsive websites and for you, they will be relatively inexpensive. Mobile-friendly responsive websites will increase user engagement which will help with rankings.

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