The question you might ask when buying a katana is whether to get a new copy or a real, old one. Well, katanas made traditionally are undeniably superior, and it’s something you must have on your wishlist to have it someday.

But replicas are all right. All kinds of Katana replicas are on the market but vary significantly in build quality and style. Some katana replicas feel like solid copies, while others give a cheap vibe. To help you decide what might work for you, let’s look at what’s good and what’s not.

Real Katanas: The Originals

Original katanas are irreplaceable. Craftsmen make them with the exact centuries-old tradition and knowledge passed on to them. Let’s look at some of their pros and cons.

The Good and Bad                 

  1. It’s old and unique: Old katanas have a remarkable and rare history. The value of old katanas is immense, which makes them treasured items.
  2. Skillfully made: Katanas were made using a lot of skill and suitable materials, making them unique.
  3. Connects with Japan’s past: Owning an old katana gives you a sense of Japan’s history and culture.

Precautions: You might have to be extra careful with it to avoid ruining it.

Things that aren’t so great:

  1. It’s not for everyday use:
  2. They’re expensive since they’re so old.
  3. Overusing an ancient katana can damage it.
  4. You have to take good care of it:
  5. If something goes wrong, finding someone who can fix it is hard.
  6. The bad: They’re expensive because they’re so well-made.

Having talked about authentic katanas, let’s talk about Katana replicas.

Cheap and New Replica Katanas

Replicas are an artist’s impression made to appeal to the customers to get the feel of their original favorite Katana. They are considered to be a substitute for the original Katana.

One can have it if they’re hesitant to spend thousands of dollars on their favorite Katana. If you’re starting your Katana journey, getting some good Katana replicas is better.

What’s good:

  1. It’s not expensive: Getting a katana that looks like an old one is cheaper, so more people can get one.
  2. You’ve got many options: Many styles are available at Katana for sale, so you can pick one you like.
  3. You can use it daily: A new katana can be used for things like practicing without worrying. However, it might not last if it’s too cheap.
  4. Ain’t real old: They look like old katanas, but they’re not.
  5. Those who want the real, old thing might not like it.
  6. There are cheaper ones, but they might need to be better.
  7. A bit less well-made: Many new katanas use strong materials that don’t break easily. However, a cheap one might be made less well.
  8. The connection to Japan isn’t as strong:
  9. New katanas aren’t too historical. Let’s just enjoy how they look.
  10. They might not feel as special because they don’t have that old connection.

It might not look as authentic as the old ones: some new ones look fake.

Which Katana is Best for You?

If you’re thinking about getting an authentic old Japanese Samurai Sword or buying a new one, you’ve got to decide what you want to do with it. You should buy an old katana if you want something special. However, if you want something you’ll use every day that looks cool, affordable, and handy, a new one might be just the thing.

Whether you have a real katana from the past or an excellent replica, no matter which you choose, the Katana remains a symbol of strength and beauty.