If you are in the market checking headset prices or planning to purchase a new pair of wired headphones or the best Bluetooth earphones but finding it challenging due to various options, you are in the right place. Here are a few factors that you need to be aware of before purchasing your preferred headphones:

In-Ear Headphones

Also called earbuds or earphones, they fit inside your ear canal and are very comfortable to wear. They can help create a strong seal against outside sound to block background noise and improve your audio experience.

Although they have smaller drivers than the on-ear and over-ear headphones, they are awe-inspiring, especially when you’re willing to shell out the right money to purchase an earphone that supports high-resolution audio and is of high-end quality.

On-Ear Headphones

On-ear headphones have cushions that sit on instead of over your ears. They also have a headband that connects both earcups. They’re typically more compact than over-earphones and are therefore ideal for those who want to wear them when travelling or even if you’re not a fan of earbuds or in-ear.

On-ear headphones can be an excellent option for those who otherwise notice that over-ear headphones cause their ears to feel warm or make them uncomfortable. The ear cushions do not cover the entire ear and generate less heat than the over-earphone.

Over-Ear Headphones

Over-ear headphones (also called supra-aural) are likely to be the most appropriate choice for those looking for complete audio immersion. These earphones have large drivers that produce a strong sound and earcups that block out the sounds of the surroundings.

Maybe even more important in this regard is that over-ear headphones could be a better alternative to in-ear headphones to improve your hearing health. They retain a safer distance between the loud sound and your eardrums. 

In addition to blocking out a significant amount of background noise (or all ambient noise when they have ANC), so you don’t have to keep the volume at very high levels. If you wish to protect your hearing health, consider opting for a pair of over-ear headphones.

Do you need to go wireless?

A pair of wireless headphones, or earbuds, might be an option if you don’t have time to manage a mess of cables. Bluetooth headphones and earbuds are much more reliable than wired headsets. The convenience of having no wire between your device and your headphones is also desirable.

There are three types of wireless headphones: wireless earphones that connect via a neckband, wireless over-ear headphones, and wireless on-ear headphones. They are all battery-powered and can be connected to your laptop, mobile phone, or portable music player using Bluetooth.

True wireless earbuds have no cord, and there is no way for wires to get stuck in your zipper. True wireless earbuds come with small charging cases, which can be carried in your pocket. This makes them very popular with commuters, who appreciate their lack of cables and compact build.

Whatever wireless headphones you choose, ensure that the battery life is sufficient to meet your needs. Many headsets can play music for up to 30 hours, but some headphones have even longer battery life. On the other hand, earbuds come with good battery life and can be further charged with their charging case. These charging cases are compact and used to store your earbuds as well.

Final Note

One of the primary things to consider is the drivers’ dimensions—the bigger their size, the greater the sound waves they will create and enhance your audio experience. Over-ear headphones typically have 40mm drivers, and earbuds can house 6-8mm drivers. Most of the time, bigger drivers provide more volume and better sound, but that’s not the only thing that determines audio quality.

Another aspect you need to consider is the frequency spectrum. It is generally believed that humans can hear frequencies of 20 to 20,000Hz. However, a higher range of (i.e. 5-40,000 Hz) is usually provided in the headset for audiophiles – in such gadgets. Users can feel the low end rather than hear it. If audio quality is your top priority, make sure that your earphones can handle high-res audio so that you can enjoy the best sound experience.


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