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Founded more than twenty years ago, SecurePro Security offers a range of security products and services to help protect your business, home or both. Their solutions include access control, managed IT, video/CCTV, fire and alarm systems, and networking solutions. These products are all customizable to meet your specific needs, and they offer full service solutions as well.

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SecurePro Security Door sensor

Among the hordes of smart home devices on the market, the Lockly Secure Pro (affectionately known as the “Pro”) stands out as a winner. The Secure Pro boasts a slew of features including the ability to remotely monitor and lock or unlock your door.

While it is not cheap, the Secure Pro does not skimp on quality. The hardware is sturdy and durable and the touchpad is responsive. The gizmo also comes with two conventional keys.

The best part of the Secure Pro is the ease of installation. You can install it on most standard doors without drilling a single hole. The device has been tested to work well with many different brands of locks, including Schlage, August, and Yale. It is also compatible with most wireless home automation hubs, making it an ideal addition to any smart home.

The Secure Pro boasts a few nifty features, including the ability to remotely lock or unlock your door from anywhere using your smartphone. This is especially handy if you work from home. The lock also comes with a wireless hub for convenient access to all of your other home automation devices. While the Lockly Secure Pro is not cheap, it is definitely in the top tier of home security devices.

While the Lockly Secure Pro does not come with any major knocks, it’s not a miracle worker. It does not send any notifications when you open or close the door. It is also not the most efficient of home automation devices. If you have the cash to burn, the Schlage Smart Lock is a much better option, with four locking methods to choose from.

The Secure Pro is also a good choice if you want to lock your door remotely while away on a business trip. The Secure Pro comes with a Wi-Fi hub for easy remote access. This device is also compatible with the Google Home and Amazon Alexa home automation systems. The Secure Pro has the oh-so-important feature of being able to be left in its stead if the battery runs out.

Wi-Fi hub kit

Despite being a relatively new product, the Secure Pro Wi-Fi hub kit certainly made its mark. It’s a small USB device that plugs into a standard wall socket and connects your existing lock to your home’s Wi-Fi network. It’s pretty easy to setup. The downside is that you’ll need an uninterruptible power supply for the router.

The Secure Pro Wi-Fi hub kit is the best example of the smart lock trend and is the first of its kind. The tv commercial grade device is available in two models: the Latch and the Latch Pro. The Latch Pro enables users to lock or unlock their doors from anywhere in the house. The Latch Pro can be controlled by both Bluetooth and WiFi, and it’s capable of handling both. If your child gets locked out of their home, you can now open the door remotely. The hub is also capable of charging your mobile device, which is not always a given. The Secure Pro Wi-Fi hub kit also features a full-color manual.

In short, the Secure Pro Wi-Fi hub kit is a nice little device that will help keep your house safe and sound. Despite its minor flaws, it is still a solid buy. The best part is that it’s relatively cheap. The price of the Secure Pro Wi-Fi hub kit hasn’t risen in the face of consumer demand, which means that now is the perfect time to pick one up. It’s not a small price to pay for a better night’s sleep and a little peace of mind. The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice any of your existing security measures to do so.

The Secure Pro Wi-Fi hub also comes with a fancy wireless door sensor. While this is the most impressive feature of the whole kit, you might want to consider adding another sensor to give you even more control over the door. The wireless door sensor uses advanced 3D fingerprint technology and is designed to detect if you have a 3D-enabled lock. The Secure Pro Wi-Fi hub kit can also be purchased in two separate packages, including a single unit.

Smart lock

Designed to enhance your home’s security, the Lockly Secure Pro smart lock offers a number of features that make it ideal for everyday use. This smart lock features a fingerprint reader for easy entry, as well as remote monitoring and control. It can also tell you if the door is open or closed, and if the deadbolt is in lock position.

It’s easy to install the Lockly Secure Pro smart lock. In fact, it can be done in just 15-20 minutes. It comes with installation instructions, templates for drilling, and a handy installation manual.

The Lockly app is available for Android and iOS, and it offers a wide range of settings for the smart lock. Its main features include the ability to change access codes and quick access widgets, as well as add and delete fingerprints. It also lets you control your lock via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The Schlage smart lock features a touchscreen display that blends in with the outside housing. It includes a battery indicator, so you can be sure it’s fully charged. The lock has an auto-lock feature that engages the deadbolt after a set period of time. It also has a number of different locking methods, including a remote lock, an auto-unlock, and a mechanical key.

The Schlage Smart Lock keypads have a unique feature: they change where they display the numbers after each use. This means that potential spies cannot decipher your code by simply watching you press the buttons. It also means that the keys are less likely to wear out.

The Schlage Smart Lock’s PIN code option is another great feature. It allows you to create up to 100 custom codes. It also has a lifetime warranty, and it’s compatible with Amazon Key and the Amazon Key app.

The Schlage Smart Lock has a built-in battery that lasts a long time. It also has a resistive touch screen, which means it can be used in daylight. It is also a solidly constructed lock that’s easy to install. It comes with four Energizers and the batteries last for quite a while.

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