We carry out all kinds of custom projects around 3D design and printing, for individuals and companies.

We cover the entire life cycle, from the creation of the 3D model on the computer to its printing on all kinds of materials, and its subsequent treatment, or the making of copies by means of molding.

At disenoimpresion3d.es we intend to spread 3D printing because we believe that it will mean a change in our day-to-day life in the future. And for this, we are dedicated to manufacturing customized products with this technology.

Little by little, we want to contribute to making “three d” printing something as everyday as going to a printer to order business cards, or to a reprography shop to make photocopies.

At disenoimpresion3D.es we also offer a design service, so that we can generate the model that meets your needs, taking as a starting point 2D plans, photographs, freehand sketches, or simply an idea of ​​what you need to print.

Tell us your needs and we will advise you without obligation.


Click on the following images to learn about the different services we offer in 3D printing design.

3D printing – We print objects in 3 D

3D printing service. If you have a three-dimensional model, we can print it with different options for materials and finishes. More information about our 3D urgent poster printing service.

3D three-dimensional scanning

We generate a 3D model from a physical part. This model can then be processed on the computer, customized, resized, and combined with others. More information about our 3D scanning service.

Mechanical CAD modeling

We generate a 3D model of a mechanical type (the pieces are formed from their basic geometric components). We take as a starting point plans, freehand diagrams, photos, physical objects, etc…

Organic CAD modeling

Unlike mechanical modeling, here we are dealing with shapes typical of living beings, which do not fit into simple geometric shapes. It would be the case of sculptures of busts of people or full bodies, caricatures, sculptures of pets, etc…

The starting point can be a 3D scanned model or one or more photos.

Topographic terrain models.

Realization of three-dimensional terrain models, from topographic elevation data. We can combine this data with GPS track information and aerial photos. More information about our topographic terrain model service.

Manufacture of spare parts.

We can manufacture that small part that has broken, and that has been out of production for a long time and it is impossible to find a replacement.

Preparation of molds and copies

We make molds at a relatively low cost, to make copies by casting (a plastic material in a liquid state is introduced into the mold, where it solidifies). There are several material options both for the mold and for making the copies: silicone, polyurethane, plaster…

You can combine several of our services to achieve even more flexibility, for example, for a damaged mechanical part, we can use 3D printing for a master copy to recover its original shape. And use that piece to manufacture a mold and copies, with a more adjusted cost, or with better mechanical properties. More information about our mold and copy preparation service.

Rapid prototyping service.

Rapid prototyping, also known by its acronym in English RP (rapid prototyping) are small-scale manufacturing technique, characterized by its lower cost and greater speed compared to more traditional mass production techniques (such as injection molds of plastic).

This makes it feasible to carry out several iterations, to gradually improve the design.

Originally they were used exclusively for making prototypes, which could only reproduce the shape of the object being designed, or also its physical properties (resistance, surface finish, color, weight…). However, today it is even used as a manufacturing technique for short runs (known in English as “rapid manufacturing”).

More information about our rapid prototyping service.

Contact 3d printing design

If you are interested in any of our services but have doubts about which is the most appropriate, or if it fits your needs, contact us to receive information without obligation on our 3D printing design contact page.

Service silicone molds and resin copies – silicone molds

Description of the silicone mold preparation service

We make flexible silicone molds to obtain copies by casting (a plastic material in a liquid state is introduced into the mold, where it solidifies).

There are several material options both for the mold and for making the copies: silicone mold, polyurethane mold, plaster mold…

If you need several copies of the same object, the use of silicone molds allows you to reduce prices and deadlines compared to 3D printing all copies. These molds are suitable for small-series production and are cheaper than injection molds.

Ask us about your needs and we will prepare a personalized budget, calculating the price of the silicone molds and copies, and how many copies the mold is amortized with (as a guideline, 5 to 10 copies are often enough).

Advantages of making resin copies using silicone molds

This process has various advantages, replacing or complementing 3D printing:

Cost reduction although silicone molds may involve a higher initial cost, it pays for themselves quickly (many times in only 5 copies).

Shorter manufacturing times The use of fast-curing resins reduces the manufacturing time of each copy to a minimum.

More material options Greater offer of materials regarding 3D printing, with interesting mechanical characteristics