Donation Tracking in Salesforce

The robust donation tracking capabilities in the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud support successful fundraising campaigns. (16 days from today) Nonprofits that maximize the functionality of Salesforce for Nonprofits for donor relationship management by integrating this popular platform with nonprofit management software tend to have an easier time achieving donation goals. Here are five ways to ensure an organization is getting the most out of donations that are tracked in salesforce org compare

Differentiate Between Different Donation Tracking Types

One of the primary benefits of donation tracking apex salesforce involves designating types of donations. This functionality enables stakeholders to distinguish between gifts that are made online, over the phone, in response to direct mail, or in-person and direct future fundraising efforts accordingly. Other relevant indicators include one-time or recurring donations, which integration software makes it easier to track in the Salesforce NPSP.

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Ensure Event and Online Giving Data is Accurate & Integrated

Salesforce for Nonprofits excels at tracking constituent and donor engagement. A full-fledged integration solution expands this capability to include in-person and virtual events and other methods for donating online such as campaign pages. By making all of this information accessible and organized, an integration solution can greatly enhance the accuracy and completeness of individual contact and organization account records salesforce apex.

Account for Valuable Donor Relationships

Salesforce NPSP has built-in support for identifying relationships between donors and broader networks. This functionality can be enhanced through the use of integration software for nonprofits. Whether you want to identify and connect the members of a household, corporate board, or other types of meaningful relationships, Salesforce for Nonprofits has the core functionality to inform your approach toward fundraising.

Make the Most of Matching Gifts

Many nonprofits miss out on the chance to take advantage of corporate matching gift programs. Salesforce for Nonprofits has built-in capabilities for identifying and tracking gift-matching organizations and utilities to make matching-eligible gifts. The Related Tab and Opportunities list under a contact record gives staff or volunteers the ability to identify matching gift accounts. It is also possible to use integration platforms or other third-party utilities to identify matching gift programs.

Perform Prospect Research for New Leads

The Salesforce NPSP has built-in utilities for identifying, scoring, and segmenting target prospects. Levels for tracking donor commitment and engagement are useful internal mechanisms, and this CRM is also compatible with third-party prospecting applications and integration tools that can enhance the completeness of records in ways that could turn up new constituents. Internal and integrated scoring and segmentation utilities also make it possible to maximize the usefulness of the records already contained in an organization’s donor Powerful.

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All of these measures are built into Salesforce for Nonprofits, but an integration solution may be necessary to ensure that the data on this platform is complete and correct. Automated data imports and exports and updates from other donor relationship management or fundraising platforms in use at an organization are essential to maintain complete donor records. The best cloud-based nonprofit management software can ensure stakeholders are working with the most accurate donor information at every point in the fundraising process.

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